Pre-running the 2022 Baja 250

Photography by Lauren Jackson (@lo.goes.west) and Dustin Humphrey (@dustin_humphey)

Location: San Felipe Baja Mexico
Chris Gill (@ ) and Kelana Humphrey (@IG) rerun the BAJA 250

Check out our photo gallery with these photos taken before the Baja 250 during prerunning. Prerunning is the term used to ride the course that the race will take place on. Riders have the opportunity to do their section of the course three times to familiarize themselves with the terrain. It is vital for teams to get all the notes they will need before taking on the actual race.

Even though the Baja 250 was still a week out, the action on the peninsula was full force well ahead of time, with riders convening from all over and ready for some racing. The weekend before the event, we rode through Ensenada, which has a long history as a destination point for California surfers enjoying the Mexican beaches.

All though Kelana is not yet old enough to race the Baja events, he took his new Gas Gas 250 and spent several days rerunning with Chris.

Great times and some great riding!