Saturday Night Whips

Saturday Night Whips

"One guy would go huge and the crowd would get hype, which would hype all of us up. It was a chain reaction.” - Broc Shoemaker
Words by: Hunter Dood
Photos by: Travis Truitt, Hunter Dood and Bruce Beach

Rev limiters and crowd cheers were ample Saturday evening at Lake Elsinore Motorsports Park.

The inaugural DSC Construction Best Whip Invitational brought out nine riders and crowd full of people to watch the guys throw their best whips.

Event Coordinator and rider Broc Shoemaker said the goal of the event was to put on a contest that would bring the crowd and riders together.

Photos: @brucebeach20

“One guy would go huge and the crowd would get hype, which would hype all of us up,” he said. "It was a chain reaction." 

Riders included: Genki “Wanky” Watanabe, Colby Raha, Todd Cram, Hunter Cross, Christian Dresser, Kohl Denney, Patrick Evans, Gordon Keck and Shoemaker.

Riders: @instacram158 @wanky338 Photos: @travistruittphoto

“All the riders were stoked and had a great time,” Shoemaker said. “They all want another contest so they can have another shot at it.” 

The contest started with a jam session, where all nine riders took their turn and showcased their whip and style. Following the jam session, X-Games gold medalists Jeremy "Twitch" Stenberg, Robbie Madison and Jarryd McNeil decided on the top five guys to move onto the finals. Riders that moved on were: Wanky, Raha, Cram, Cross and Shoemaker.

Riders: @kohlfromsd @colbyraha Photos: @hdood_

For Cram, Cross and Shoemaker, this was their first ever whip contest.

“For years I’ve gone to bed dreaming about throwing whips with these guys and for it to be a reality, it truly is mind blowing,” said 18-year-old Hunter Cross.

Rider: @huntercross71 Photos: @travistruittphoto

Cram from Huntington Beach and owner of Motocutz said it was an “epic event.” He only started hitting ramps 12 weeks ago.

“When I found out I made it to the finals, I was trippin’,” Cram said. “I was so hyped.”

Wanky went on to win, Cross took home second and Shoemaker finished third.

Riders: @huntercross71 @wanky338 @brocshoemaker48 Photos: @hdood_

“When all the riders went on the landing to hear the results I was just happy to make it into the top five,” Cross said. “I was getting ready to congratulate the guy who got second and I saw Twitch tell the announcer my name. I was filled with so many emotions and to see so many people happy for me made it all worth it.”

“It was everything I could’ve hoped for and more.” 

Photo: @travistruittphoto

Shoemaker said the event was a success, and the sponsors have already told him that they want another whip contest in the near future.

State of Ethos founder Dustin Humphrey agreed that the event was a success.

“Good crowd, great energy and amazing show,” he said. “I was of course stoked on Wanky and Todd doing so well but the highlight for me was seeing an amateur moto kid on moto suspension (Hunter Cross) go out and throw down. That’s the way I would like to see this sport go.”

Riders: @wanky338 @gordonkeck @christiandresser @patrickevans_71 Photos: @hdood_
Photo: @brucebeach20