Wyvern Ranch: A Place of Good Times

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Wyvern Ranch: A Place of Good Times

"(Wyvern) is good times with good people. It's a place where you can just go ride and live life; that's what we want here." -Aeron Price, Wyvern Ranch Owner
Words by: Hunter Dood
Photos by: Travis Truitt, Hunter Dood and Monti Smith

OVER 600 ACRES of dirt biking paradise. Tracks, hills, ramps and plenty of good times… that is the Wyvern Ranch.

It is a place where some of the biggest names in the moto world have been.

The Wyvern Ranch started out as 20 acres of oil wells owned by the Price family. The family wanted to build a mini track to let the kids ride dirt bikes, but surrounding property owners became upset because the Price family didn’t own the full rights of the land.

Current Wyvern Ranch owner Scott Price, ended up purchasing a lease right next to the 20 acres that they already owned. This time with full rights. Price then built a track for his family ride on in the early 2000s.

Shortly after the outdoor track was built, X-Games medalist Lance Coury asked Price if he could keep his freestyle ramp at the property. Price granted permission.  The next step was building a supercross track, which quickly became an attraction because of the few public supercross practice tracks at the time.

Photo: @travistruittphoto Rider: @c_naran11

Aeron Price, the son of Scott, said this period was the “start” of the Wyvern Ranch.

“My dad tried to buy out the 20 acres of oil wells, but it didn’t work out,” Aeron said. “They told him that they ‘couldn’t sell him the 20 acres, but could sell him the entire ranch.’ We ended up buying it.”

Wyvern took off around 2008-09. The Price family had created a Wyvern Motosports professional race team and hired former pro Brian Manley to build a freestyle course for Coury.

“The outdoor and supercross tracks got revamped into some serious tracks,” Aeron said. “At that point, the word spread everywhere. People were talking about the compound.”

Photo: @travistruittphoto Rider: @c_naran11

Redbull reached out to the family about leasing the land to make their own compound. That brought in the Nitro Circus team.

“It was insane, man. We had MTV and Nitro Circus out there filming. They had built a huge foam pit for guys to practice on. It was popping out there.”

Aeron said Nitro Circus filmed two episodes out there, which was one of the best memories he has at Wyvern.

Unfortunately, in the early-2010s, an accident happened when the throttle of a snowmobile got stuck wide open and buried itself in the foam pit, causing the pit to erupt into flames.

“At that point, the neighbors began complaining again, so we had to shut it down, which caused Redbull to leave,” Aeron said. “It went back to friends and family.”

Guys like Jarryd McNeil and Tom Parsons started to train for X-Games out at Wyvern in 2013.

Photo: @hdood_ Rider: @jarrydmcneil

“Jarryd had a trailer out there and I would go out and camp with him for three days at a time to train and hit the ramps,” Parsons said. 

Wyvern became a busy training facility for X-Games athletes for close to four years.

Aeron said things began to really slow down in 2019 because his dad got busy with things and he went off to college. He added that guys were starting to get their own ranches, which caused the compound to naturally fizzle a bit.

Aeron credits his lifelong friend Grant Palmer to the return of Wyvern. Palmer would come out and ride with some friends, but he had to clean up the property in order for them to ride. He said COVID-19 helped with the resurgence because people were unable to work, giving Palmer plenty of free time.


Photos: @mounce

“He got good in the skiddy, man,” Aeron said. “He cleaned up the place and communicated everything with us and gave us ideas. And now, things are starting to comeback around.”

Palmer said he initially cleaned up the outdoor and supercross tracks so him and his friends could ride it during the shutdown in 2020. He had no plans to mess with the freestyle course.

“The crowd out there started to get bigger so I decided to redo it for the people that would come out to ride,” Palmer said. “I never thought I would be hitting those jumps but my friends and I started to get into it a bit more, which made me want to add more freestyle and free ride stuff.”

Palmer said Wyvern is special to him.

“I was able to have the time to get out there in the tractor to do my thing and just build for the fun of it. I got to see it turn into something really sick.”

Aeron said the most important thing for Wyvern is continuing to get guys like Jeremy “Twitch” Stenberg, Axell Hodges and Tyler Bereman out to the compound for films and photoshoots.



Photos: @hdood_ Riders: @axellhodges and @twitchthis8

Twitch recently held his “Twitch Jam” at Wyvern and invited some of the biggest names in the industry out to ride.

“It hard to put into words man,” Palmer said. “It took me a year to redo that place and within a year I was able to ride with all of my idols, and now I get to call those guys my friends.”

Photo: @hdood_

Looking ahead, Palmer wants to continue to build the moto tracks and freestyle tracks. He said he would like to add a trophy truck track to attract a different crowd out there.

“I’m on board for anything anybody wants to build out there. That land is full of creativity.”

Dirt bike paradise.

"(Wyvern) is good times with good people. It's a place where you can just go ride and live life,” Aeron said. “That’s what we want here.”

Photo: @travistruittphoto 


Photos: @mounce Riders: @instacram158 @chrisnott407 and @wanky338

Business inquiries contact Wyvern Motosports at wyvernranch1@gmail.com or @wyvernmotosports on Instagram